Greenlee Climb and a Pair-o-Overlooks

I’ve been trying to get Rando Reddan to do a ride with me in Rothrock.  He’s got a great ‘bent for it too.  A Metabikes MetaPhrastic.  Dan equipped himself with a set of small knob 2.3″ 29er’s.  Those suckas barely fit in the fork, but fit they did.

We had a nice ride, save for my left water bottle that kept trying to leave me, and save for slipped seat stay clamp on Dan’s bike that made our puzzlers sore for a little while.

A new to me was the climb up Greenlee and the two overlooks on N. Meadows and Wampler Roads.  Beautiful.

I think this ride will be a regular one for me.  20 miles and 2400 feet of climbing.  Two great views.   And one grunt of a climb up Greenlee.

Eric and Dan beholding something.

The beheld vista. From Wampler Road, not far off Bear Meadows.

Climbing up Greenlee

Almost at the top of Greenlee climb.

View of Bear Meadows from N. Meadows road. With only my bike to destroy the sanctity of nature.


About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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