My Rando Funk and the PA Furnace – Tram – Colerain Loop

I’ve been in a funk ever since this past springs Crush the Commonwealth.  I bowed out of that ride due to a sheer lack of willpower that set in on the second day, after the 1st day that was a bitch to complete (205 miles of headwinds and cold temperatures).

The idea of doing randonees (e.g. brevets) was quite unappealing all summer and so, not surprisingly, I didn’t do any.  Learning to love gravel was a mild manner substitute, of sorts.

Last Thursday’s ride took us from Fairbrook Park, up and over PA Furnace Road, along the base of the mountain on Tram Rd, then back up and over the mountain via Colerain Rd.  We got to Spruce Creek at dusk and road on pavement back to Fairbrook in the dark.  It wasn’t an epic ride by any means, but the mostly new route and the night riding made it feel ever so slightly rando-esque.  Kinda made me want to get back into the rando swing of things.  We’ll see.

Riding up PA Furnace

View from the top

From the top of Colerain.

Descending to Spruce Creek

Want some Pop Tart?



About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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