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My Riding Year in Review

Year in review. My year of bike rides.  This is a pretty cool site that uses Strava entries.

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2013 Goals?

I spend a lot of time riding on a mag trainer in my garage during the winter.  This gives me lots of time to think about all kinds of stuff that my busy life doesn’t allow me to ponder on … Continue reading

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CTC 2013

CTC 2013 It’s on.  And it’s on a couple weeks earlier than it has been in recent years. I am sorely tempted since it’s a eastbound year.  Can make for a fast and fun trip across the Commonwealth.

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The World is my AeroLab

It’s well understood and accepted that serious (racing) time trialists and triatheletes spend lots of time thinking about aerodynamics.  When you’re outside the shelter of a pack of riders, the wind is your enemy.  Its the IFB –   Invisible Force … Continue reading

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