2013 Goals?

I spend a lot of time riding on a mag trainer in my garage during the winter.  This gives me lots of time to think about all kinds of stuff that my busy life doesn’t allow me to ponder on a daily basis.

Recently, and appropriate for this time of year, I have been thinking about cycling goals for  2013.  I have been feeling conflicted about what I want to tackle, and what I don’t.  Still deliberating.  It has a LOT to do with what I feel like negotiating with Penny and the kids.

Here are the present thoughts on the matter:

1.  CTC has always captured my imagination.  Not sure why.  Just does.  Mighty tempting to do that again.  Especially because its the more civilized direction again this year.  April 19th and 20th.

2.  Giving consideration to committing to an SR series.  This is questionable though.  I’d probably be happy skipping the 400K and just doing the other three.  I am planning to do the PA Randonneurs’ Morgantown 200K this upcoming weekend, and they have a 300K scheduled for the 4th of May, two weeks after CTC.  And their 600K is scheduled for June 1st.  The 400K holds so little appeal because it involves one terribly long day (a full 24hrs for me, probably) without sleep.  I find this a touch risky.  A 300K is quite manageable without sleep, and the 600K is long enough that it easily allows for a 4 hour overnight.  No problem.

3.  I’d like to do the Circle 7 route concept if I can talk anyone else into it.  This is like a low calorie 1200K that goes up into the PA Wilds.  It’s a more civilized version of a 3 / 4 day randonee.  Complete with sit down meals, beer, and hotels.

The Circle 7 is so named because the route is a loop/circle but sorta shaped like a 7, and because its about 700 something kilometers (about 725 to be precise-ish).  Reddan thinks it looks more like a clamp-on front derailleur.

Day one – Altoona to Coudersport – 150 miles

Day two – Coudersport to State College – 170 miles

Day three – State College to Altoona – 130 miles

So it’s not a rando but a three day “ultra-tour”.  Civilized acomodations at night and actually eating “real food” where-ever possible.

The Proposed Route:  http://www.bikeroutetoaster.com/Course.aspx?course=470434

Highlights include the PA grand canyonthe nothingness of the PA Wilds, what might be the hardest road climb in the state (the 1900 foot climb up to Blue Knob Ski area),at least one stunning mountain top vista (Brumbaugh mountain).

Any takers?


About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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2 Responses to 2013 Goals?

  1. Ian says:

    Interesting to read your thoughts regarding a 400k. I’m just about the opposite. Mind, I’ve only ever done one 200k, and did STP a couple years ago (225mi). But to me, the thought of cranking out 400k without a major stop is quite appealing. I think I’d even like to move on to doing a 600k like that, but then I’m also slowly getting myself into ultraracing. I fully expect to do a 12 hour race this year, maybe a 24hr.

  2. Well, I’ve been fairly close to a 400K in one stretch once. 222 miles in about 21 hours. I really don’t know if I had another 26 miles in me. I suppose if I had a 1 hour cat nap along the way, that would make the difference because 240-something miles, 23 hours on the bike, and darkness on unfamiliar roads is not a great combination. With a 600K, sometimes there is an opportunity to stop before the 400K, before sleepiness gets the better of you. Make it a two day ride, a 350K on the first day and a 250K then next day. If a 600K required me to do the full 400 before I can stop for a sleep break, then I am a bit hesitant. I’d be trying to scope out a place for a short sleep break, I think.

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