In the mostly non-spirit of:

….except for the “rules” section which is A-ok.

Gravel rando for the masses.   Something that most folks are capable of.

I will award a custom pint glass to all who complete the challenge.  (in the spirit of the cup o’ dirt).   To the get the glass, all you have to do is complete one Graveloslowards Challenge.  That challenge entails..

Develop a mixed surface (or all-gravel) course to challenge you and your buddies.  Minimum 100 miles in length, minimum 35 miles of gravel or other non-pavement.  Finish with an overall average speed of 15 kph or better.  Admission into the Graveloslowards is contingent on a successful finishing of the ride and the writing a non-crappy ride report for publication on the Graveloslowards blog.  Bonus points for rides involving darkness, bears, and/or getting lost.

Comments?  Suggestions?

(this ‘program’ doesn’t exist yet….don’t do a ride tomorrow and then expect me to ship you a pint glass with graveloslowards printed on it by the end of the week ……..)


About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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