November’s Re-Set

November is re-set month for me, historically.  Mentally, physically, and equipment too.  I usually ride less this month than any other month of the year.  True to form, I haven’t been riding much lately.  A weeklong vacation in Florida at the beginning of the month kicked off my slothdom.  I have been hitting the mag trainer in the garage a couple times a week.  I don’t want to completely lose conditioning. 

November is a good time to tear down the bikes and rebuild / replace anything that has suffered over the previous year.  The Stick is getting a new paint job, courtesy of Reddan.    Here she is, all ready for repaint (yes, I have removed the BB….)

The Stick is also going to be converted to 10 speed  in the process (with the Musashi getting downgraded to 9 speed).  This way I can swap wheelsets between this bike and the Metabike at will (without changing cassettes all the time….)

Although I mostly ride recumbents, I still have one kinda nice, sorta neat upright bike in the garage.  I’ve put in about 500 miles in on it this year – a bit more than any time since I re-discovered recumbents in 2008.

Here I am enjoying the fall colors on ye olde Bianchi, resplendant in my new-ish Pittsburgh Randonneurs jersey.

She’s a 1987 vintage Bianchi Grizzly mountain bike – repurposed as a sorta touring bike.  Works really well, surprisingly.  I have had this bike since about 1993 when I picked up the frame from a friend who found that indeed, it made for a pretty lousy mountain bike.

A recent addition was some Buddy Flaps.  I added in some creative use of reflective tape and newly spraypainted fenders and voila, she’s borderline pretty…with just a touch of rando stylings.  Little leather, little cotton duck…  At one point , she sported a brass bell but I decided that was going too far.

None of this is to suggest that I will give up my ‘bents for distance riding.  The bike of my dreams still is my Metabike.  Fast, stable, comfy, efficient.  This bike makes the miles go by more easily than any other bike I have ever ridden.

But I AM riding the Bianchi at the Dirty Dozen this year….  I don’t want to hurt my Metabike when I fall over on Canton Ave.

Update:  been working on improving my fit on the Bianchi. Got a new saddle too.  Like it lots…

About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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4 Responses to November’s Re-Set

  1. Bill says:

    The winter before my strongest year ever (full SRU series + CTC), I touched the bike a total of two times between December and mid-March. In its place I took up running…I probably did a 5k around the neighborhood 3 times a week. Time off and cross-training certainly can’t hurt. Stepping away from the bike is something I’m struggling with right now…when there’s freezing rain and slop and snow all over the roads, and the overnight low is 11, it’s OK not to bike. Or is it??

    • That lends creedance to the idea that you can take some time off the bike and not have your riding suffer for it too much, so long as basic fitness is maintained. I think the benefit of getting off the bike (if one feels like it) is to restore your appetite for riding. Motivation and attitude are everything, especially when it comes to long distance riding.

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