Happy Buffalo 200K

Last Saturday, Eric and I completed the first official ride of Eric’s Happy Valley to Buffalo Valley 200K permanent.  Should have called it Happy Buffalo, instead.

It’s a nice route that takes you from State College to Lewisburg, mainly on Rt. 192, and then returning via a variety of roads and such (Buffalo Valley rail trail, Rt. 45 over the mountain, Pine Creek Rd., Penns Creek Rd, Lower Georges Valley Rd, and so forth.)

Our ride started out rainy and cold-ish  (about 61 deg. F.).  Riding up Rt. 192 on a wet day is one dirty affair, what with all of the horse manure on the road…. Yuk.  Look at your water bottle before you it put in your mouth, folks….   But, it warmed up nicely by lunchtime.

We stopped at the Sheetz in Lewisburg, but decided on not eating a ton there, as we had designs on a more substantial stop later in the day.

The ride up Rt. 45 from Mifflinburg to Woodward was ok.   Traffic was moderate, but behaving in a sane manner.  Rt. 45 has some shoulder too, which helps.  The climb up the mountain right before Woodward was hard, partly due to the very high humidity and temps in the low 80’s, along with full sunshine.

When we stopped at Milheim, we decided to have lunch at Elk Creek Café.   We each had a burger, fries, and two beers.   I never had such a great meal at a controle on a brevet or permanent before.  Usually a Subway sub is considered fine dining.  Now, I think I like this approach, but I fear this won’t be a pattern.  Seems to me that few of our routes are easy enough to make this kind of stomach burden tolerable.  Although I noticed when we got going again, I felt pretty energized.  Still though, beer and beef aren’t exactly energy foods.  This route is fairly tame, with total climbing not exceeding 6,000 feet, and we were riding it slower than usual due to Eric’s need to take it easy.  (Eric is still recovering a bit from ear surgery).

Finishing this perm. just extended me to R-4.   Not sure about next month’s ride.  Might need to be in eastern PA.

I was pleased to get this one done, because my fitness has been really poor as of late.  Riding only one or two days a week might have something to do with it.

Along Rt. 192:  a wet and messy morning in Penn’s Valley.  It was a 5 banana ride, by the way.

Buffalo Valley Rail Trail near Lewisburg


Along Rt. 45:  Where’s Scooby and the gang?  (old mansion like building with a locked gate and signs saying ‘keep out’)

Just up the hill a bit more….   Only you can prevent forest fires…


Nice barn on Pine Creek Rd. Prolly doesn’t hold cows anymore.


Hopheads rejoice near Coburn!  ( I wonder if these hops are sold to Elk Creek Café?  Scale seems too large for a home brewer…)


Inadvertent selfie  (taken outside Elk Creek Café)


Enjoying a brown ale at Elk Creek.

Rimmey Road rest stop.  This was nice for a pee stop and some water.  And of course we signed the guest book too.


Nice View from Rimmey Road.

Ride with GPS:  http://ridewithgps.com/trips/3077211

Happy Buffalo 200K:  http://www.rusa.org/cgi-bin/permview_GF.pl?permid=2400


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I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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7 Responses to Happy Buffalo 200K

  1. Martin says:

    Regarding ride name: I should have named my “Bahama Beach” route “Bahama Bridge.” The “beach” is only visible during extended dry spells, such as 3 or 4 years ago. For the most recent two years, Lake Michie has remained full & thus there is no “beach.”

    I didn’t look — how many perms between you & Eric, now?

  2. Eric has 2 permanents approved now, but has another 2 or 3 more pretty close to being submitted to Christa B. I don’t have any to my name, as I have been contributing mostly by helping Eric with his.

  3. Upload it to a photo site and then share the link? I am intrigued.

  4. SRU Ed Tech says:

    Elk Creek provided the post-race beer at W101. Never had their stuff before. The brown ale was GOOOOD

  5. Yah, I have been impressed with their beer each time I have had it. Some brown ales are too much like a lighter version of a porter (IMO), with too much roasted malt character. Their brown ale was just right – with malty sweetness dominating with just a little roast.

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