SI 200K Part II

Completed SI for the second official time. Good, hard ride. I’m up to R-5, now.

Nothing remarkable to report. We started a half hour late, and between that and our mediocre fitness levels we found ourselves teetering on the edge of disaster (well, no, not really) the whole ride. We did finish with plenty of time to spare, partly by eschewing the most pleasant route between Spruce Creek and B-Burg for a straight shot up Rt. 45. That turned out to be perfectly pleasant, however.

The only other navigational variation was taking Hoofnagle Road climb up to the Hunter Road summit instead of our semi-usual way. We found this to be more scenic and not quite as steep as going up Hunter the whole way. Very nice. I think it’s our new recommended route, in fact.

I took lots of pictures:

Some favs:

My steed at the start.

Eric is smiling because… I forget now. Might have been something I said about Garmin that was unkind. And accurate.

Foggy Morning. Nice socks, eh?

Eric is smiling because… I forget why. But it might have been because I almost crashed trying to take this picture.

Only you can forget forest fires. Urr, I mean “prevent”.

Outta da woods and on Treaster Valley (paved portion).. on the way to Milroy.

Our favorite trail sign. Eric is smiling because he’s having a pleasant day.

Dear Lord, this climb is long and steep and chunky. When you reach this point on Colerain, you know 80% of the climb is behind you.

This needs a caption…..


About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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2 Responses to SI 200K Part II

  1. SRU Ed Tech says:

    Plans for R-6 and R-7? I think Jim is doing a 200k (North Park – Sandy Lake – North Park) on the 4th of October. Let me know if you guys are doing anything 200k or bigger in September…I’m doing Akron Marathon on the 27th but otherwise am free. No problems leaving here at 5 for a 7 AM start.

  2. I have been doing such a good job of not planning ahead, I am not sure I want to mess that up. We were tentatively planning on doing SI one more time. We might need to make that September’s ride. Although this ( ; ) looks very appealing. Jim’s October 4th brevet sounds good as an R-7.

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