Long Springtime Ride Plan #2

I recently had my first permanent approved.  I started working on it (very casually) over a year ago.  I first mentioned it here.  I finally got my act together this late fall / early winter.

RUSA Permanent Route #2567:  http://www.rusa.org/cgi-bin/permview_GF.pl?permid=2567

RideWithGPS:  http://ridewithgps.com/routes/3710329

It’s officially named the Turn-a-Breeze 206K.  It starts in Altoona, a place name with a second syllable that sounds like tuna.  And then, at the halfway point, you find yourself in Breezewood.  So, I almost named it Tuna Breeze, but that seemed slightly too indelicate (or something) for a sensitive and serious rando crowd.  And so it became Turn-a-Breeze.  As in, you Turn a-round in Breezewood.  Well,  you sorta do anyways…

As the RUSA site ‘official’ description implies…  you start along the Allegheny Front in Altoona, and then the route takes you on a quiet and intricately scenic ramble through the rugged forests and rolling farmlands of the ridge and valley region of south-central Pennsylvania.


quiet:  yeah, lots of the route is on farm roads; not many people or cars around.

intricately scenic:  there are lots of turns, and the route is quite pretty in most spots.

rugged forests:  there are a few Deliverance-esque locations here and there.  Nothing to get too worried about though.

ridge and valley region:  really, I personally think this is among the best places to ride in PA.  The topography is distinct and beautiful, with plenty of climbing and scenic vista opportunity, but with the ability to stick to rolling valley roads to keep some sense of humanity if you wish  to / need to (i.e. let’s keep  the climbing below 80 feet per mile, thank you very much…..).

If we ever break out of the snow, ice, and polar vortex weather mode that we seem to be in right now, I will get an inaugural ride report posted.


About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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2 Responses to Long Springtime Ride Plan #2

  1. Martin says:

    Given some of the names of routes that I’ve seen, Tuna Breeze would have been mild.

  2. What are some of the non-mild ones you’ve heard?

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