Monday Morning

Yesterday’s scouting ride for Diet Isolation (aka 100K SI) with ‘the Erics’ was a success.

The main purpose of this ride was to verify that Siglerville-Milroy Pike was decent to ride on (it was), and that this route was do-able in 6 hrs + 45 min.  If it was too much, then the one Eric (not the other Eric) wouldn’t bother submitting it as a permanent.

We did the ride in almost exact 7 hours total time, with over an hour in stops.  Our moving average was pretty slow too though, not quite 11 mph if memory serves.  We aren’t in great shape this year, and we stopped a lot, just because.  So, yeah, it’s do-able.  It’s a hard 100K, though.  Despite it’s modest length, there is plenty of climbing and all of the big climbs of the full-calorie SI are present (although you cross the ridges in different places than on SI).  Plus, the percentage gravel is closer to 60% than the 40% or so on SI.

Aside from all that, I am shamed to say this was my first gravel ride of 2015.  Pathetic, I know.

Some pics:

Eric, Eric, and my ear. Foggy morning.

Fog burned off quickly.

“Why are you taking pictures of me?”

This was self-selected. I can’t imagine what the significance / meaning is.

I wasn’t holding the camera non-level. It’s just that steep.

On our way to A. Seeger NA.

2/3rds the way up the final climb (Bear Meadows)

The gravel ‘bent.  Pic taken at the start (note the lack of dust).

Whole collection:

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I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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1 Response to Monday Morning

  1. Lisa says:

    Good thing the fog cleared up while you were there, the view looks pretty good!

    Anyway, it does seem like a pretty steep climb, but such a challenge is part of what makes rides like this great, right? 🙂

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