This has nothing to do with riding a bike

  • 1st time you listen, you’ll hate it.
  • 2nd time you listen, you’ll hate it.
  • 3rd time you listen, you’ll hate it.
  • 4th time you will think it’s bad.
  • 5th time you will find it interesting
  • 6th time you’ll like it.
  • 7th time you’ll love it.
  • 8th time you’ll think it’s the best album ever made.

About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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3 Responses to This has nothing to do with riding a bike

  1. SRU Ed Tech says:

    Someone gave me a burned CD of TMR back in college, and I believe I made it to the 5th listen…flashes of good musical ideas were starting to emerge among all the noise and aimless noodling around. At the time I was starting to get into Zappa a bit, but this was challenging music even for someone into Zappa.

    So is there a tendency for those of us to participate in tough-to-crack sports and hobbies to also listen to tough-to-crack music? What turned me off of Zappa, especially the 80s stuff, was the juvenile and at times misogynistic lyrical content (see “Jumbo Go Away” from You Are What You Is), which for me is major distraction from the mostly-solid songwriting and musical ideas.

    My kick lately has been Ween. What Zappa did with jazz, they do to just about every genre of rock music. Tough to crack at first, but rewarding when you finally “get it.”

  2. I was first introduced into Captain Beefheart by way of FZ’s Hot Rats and Bongo Fury albums. I have always noticed that a lot of Beefheart’s lyrics seemed to be based mostly on how words sound, not on what they mean. I kind of like that. At least, on occasion.

    I too have been turned off by some of FZ’s childish songs with horrendous lyrics and little else in terms of redeeming value which are so different than a lot of his other material. Although it’s easier to digest if you accept the idea that, like the instrumentation on TMR, it’s INTENDED to be bad – it was designed to be bad. Being bad in one or multiple senses is precisely the point.

  3. Tim says:

    RRC! Exactly how I stumbled onto the album several years ago. I listened to Zappa when I was in high school (70s) but his 80’s stuff had me walk away. Someone turned me on to a collection of the early FZ albums a couple years ago. Started with One Size Fits All then Hot Rats. Found a music collector who gave me a copy of TMR. It only took a couple of listenings to love it.

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