HV to BV 200K

First 200K of the year. Happy Valley to Buffalo Valley.  2nd time I have done this perm.  Last time was last summer when I was fit and the days were warm.

On this day we had clear skies, but a headwind no matter which direction we rode, and a 30 deg. F. temperature rise.

I wanted to ride this permanent as a test of sorts.  A test to see if I could ride the Eastern PA Rando’s Fleche on April 9th without suffering inordinately.

While I got through this ride ok, my conclusion is that, while I probably could survive it, I typically need more than just survival to strive for.  The 200K was too difficult, and I certainly could not have kept going for another 100 miles after we stopped without suffering a decent amount.

I rode 3 days later, and it didn’t seem like I got any big fitness boost from the 200K.  One ride can only do so much, right?  When I told EK I was thinking of bagging the Fleche he said “ikillu…take that into consideration.”   Sheesh.  I never knew rando was so dangerous.

Hairy John






Rt. 164



RB Winter



Climb up to Hairy Johns



Kellermobile at our beer and hamburger stop.



Bible Road? Don’t remember.



2 miles from the finish as the sun set.


About rothrockcyrcle

I am an endurance cyclist always looking for new ways to maximize fun and minimize BS.
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