The Rothrock Cyrcle of Hell is was to be an underground race held near and around State College, PA.  A main feature of the race is Rothrock State Forest and the surrounding valleys and ridges.  This not your typical bike race in that it’s a mix of randonneuring, alleycat racing, and orienteering.

The event draws upon the self sufficiency and long-distance cycling endurance ethos from rando, the underground feel and checkpoint system of an alleycat, and the seat of your pants navigational aspects of orienteering to make for one kewl race.

For an event like this one, it helps to be fast on the bike, to be sure, but the RCoH also requires quick thinking and good planning on the fly, as well as the ability to handle whatever road, trail, weather conditions will be thrown your way.  If you have bike trouble, you have to fix it yourself.  You are responsible for your own navigation and the worst part is that  you don’t know where you’re going till the race has nearly already started.  See the FAQ and Rules/Procedure pages to learn more.


I like competitive endeavors, but not mindless ones.  If an event can combine pure athletic performance with a least a little bit of intellectual stimulus, I find it much more compelling.  I also enjoy any event that is difficult enough that it rewards each participant for merely doing / completing it, regardless of whether that racer comes in first place or DFL.

Inspiration for this event comes from the multitude of events that are (sorta) like this one that have come before: Crush the Commonwealth and Trans-Iowa being the two that come to my mind first.

What’s in a name?

Rothrock Much of the event will require you ride on the multitude of fire roads that zig zag though Rothrock State Forest in Central Pennyslvania.

Cyrcle – You’ll be running in circles, on your cycle.  So its a cyrcle.

Hell – This is not an easy event.  It’s probably mostly Type II fun.

2 Responses to About

  1. routerunner says:

    Any thoughts or plans to re-kindle this event in 2014?

  2. Routerunner – sent you an email. Short answer: potentially, yes.

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