Basic Rules and Event Procedures

Note:  the event is not to be until further notice.  See this.

Ok, this is the uptight part of the whole thing – where I discuss the rules.  Generally, I don’t like rules very much, but without at least a few of them, there’d be chaos, and chaos isn’t fun.  And if it ain’t fun, it ain’t worth a damn.

Basic Rules:

1.  The honor system applies.  If you really want to be a jag-bag and cheat, you can probably find a way to cheat.  With there being no awards of any kind, you’d have to be the biggest jag-bag on the whole east coast to do it.  So let’s be cool and just do this thing right, okay?

2.  Participating in this ride, game, event, whatever it is…is for adults only.  Adults who can take full responsibility for themselves.  Nothing has been done to assure your safety on these public roads and trails that are open to traffic and contain all the normal hazards you’d normally expect.  You must agree that every cyclist taking part is on their own personal ride and all the normal rules of the road, life, society, and common sense apply fully.  Once again, you are responsible for yourself and you assume all risks associated with your participation.  You might be able to get assistance from a stranger, fellow racer, or nearby ground squirrel, but don’t count on it.  If you can’t be responsible for yourself, stay home.

3.  Despite the need to be responsible for yourself, don’t take things too seriously either.  This is all about fun.  There are no prizes.  The only reward will be the cameraderie of  your fellow racers and pride in putting in a good days effort.   Good attitudes are contagious, so please bring one with you.

4.  No outside assistance.  No caches of supplies.  No support cars.  No friends or relatives meeting you there during the event somewhere.  Either carry what you need with you or purchase it at a store, etc. during the event.  There is one exception to the no cache rule:  you can cache anything you wish at the start / finish line area and return / leave that area as many times as you wish or need to.  But be aware that this may not be so convenient, depending on where the checkpoints end up being.

5.  Use common sense and courtesy in Rothrock.  No bushwacking.  Stay on roads and trails.  No riding on hiking-only trails.  Respect other trail users (yield to hikers and horses).

General Event Proceedure

20 minutes before dawn, I will give each racer an identical map at the start/ finish location that shows the location of between 6 and 12 checkpoints.   Each checkpoint will be described as well as being shown on the map.   Once the racers are set loose at sun-up, the object of this event is for each racer to arrive at each checkpoint, and either retrieve an item from a semi-hidden cache or to take a digital photo of their bike at or in front of a particular landmark.  You might even be required to get a receipt from a business.  The written description will tell you what to do.  The first person to make it back to the start/finish point with all of the cache items and evidential photos / receipts wins.  Navigation is up to each racer.  The exact route you ride and the order in which the various checkpoints are visited are totally up to you.  Nobody but me will know what and where the check points will be until 20 minutes before dawn on the day of the event.   (The exact number of checkpoints and where they are located will vary every year.)

Game over at or before sundown.  If you return to the start finish area after sundown, you are disqualified.  Finishing places will be determined first on the number of checkpoints completed, and secondly on the time the racer returns to the start/finsh location with their evidence.

I am also on board with recognizing a non-competitive form of completing the event.

Then we drink beer.

Approximately 3 weeks before the event, on this blog, a map will be published that shows a boundary line.  This boundary line will encompass all checkpoint locations for that year’s race.  Racers should use this information to ensure that they have their own detailed maps and other navigational tools for that area on the day of the event.

I will also give a fair warning as to the amount of space the cache items will take up in your pockets, bags, etc.  I may even warn you as to the approximate weight of those items.  Nothing will be too big, heavy, or gross – in other words, I wont make anyone retrieve 10 lb logs of wood or petrified cow droppings.

Those are the basics.  Read the FAQ for more information and tips.  If you don’t see your question answered, drop me a line:  tomhovan3 at gmail dot com.

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